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South Stradbroke Island

South Stradbroke Island
South Stradbroke Island is an Australian island in the state of Queensland, south of Brisbane and forms the northern end of Gold Coast.
The 21 km by 2.5 km sized island is the smaller one of the two Stradbroke Islands and lies very close to the mainland.[ The island has hundreds of wild wallabies that are usually human orientated. They are also well known for stealing bread from tents and cabins, and joining campers at their fires.

The southern end fronts the Broadwater, and the tip marks the Gold Coast Seaway, only a matter of metres from the mainland at Southport Spit. In the northeast you'll find the Tipplers Passage that separates the island from many small islands near the mainland. The eastcoast borders the Coral Sea. Gold Coast Ferries operates a ferry service to the island.

South Stradbroke Island consists mainly of sand dunes, remnant livistona rainforest and melaleuca wetlands.[2] The island also has unique flora and fauna. The Golden Wallaby is endemic to the island and the Agile Wallaby, once more common to the region, has now retreated to the island.
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