Sports on the Gold Coast, Queensland

Sports on the Gold Coast, Queensland
Sport on the Gold Coast has a rich history. As a popular tourist destination leisure sports like Golf, but most particularly sports associated with its famous beaches, have always been popular.
A number of surf clubs line Gold Coasts beaches, who host a variety of swimming and athletic events collected into surf carnivals along with competitions evolved from methods of surf life saving.

The region has however had a sporadic history with professional sport with several competitions attempting to establish themselves in Queensland second largest population centre, after the state capital of Brisbane. All sports have struggled with football clubs of several distinctions having failed over the last twenty years. The Gold Coast is presently home to professional sports teams competing in national Rugby League, Basketball, Australian rules football and Motor Racing competitions as well as international surfing events and domestic surf carnivals. Motor racing has the richest history on the coast with racing having been held in the region since 1954, but consistently since the late 1960s with only a small break in the late 1980s as well as hosting the regions largest event, the Gold Coast 600.

Presently the region is preparing to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games, building and upgrading various venues all over the Coast. The games will be centred on Carrara Stadium.

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