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Weather in Surfers Paradise

Weather in Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise is known for its hot and some times wetclimate. Annually, we average a balmy 25 degree high temperature, sinking only as low at 17 degrees.
However, we occasionally experience afternoon rain or storms, especially during summer. When planning your Surfers Paradise holiday, remember, there’s no such thing as a typical day of weather on the Gold Coast! Within as little as an hour, Surfers Paradise can turn from a bright and sunny oasis to a rainy cityscape. Luckily, after living in such a diverse weather climate, we’re able to compile a list of do’s and don’ts from season to season, including what to expect, what to wear, and what weather related things you’ll need to get you through a perfect Surfers Paradise escape.

Sunny afternoon in surfers paradiseSummer - where the beach is the place to be!

A Gold Coast summer can last forever! With our hottest temperatures recorded as early as November, and extending far into April, Surfers Paradise is favoured with a warm climate most year round. In the official summer months, expect highs averaging 28 degree – overnight lows are still often in the high teens and low twenties. First on your list should be swimmers or togs for the beach. Make sure you bring a comfortable back-pack with you –with so much to do in Surfers, you don’t want to keep rushing back to your hotel for necessities.

Be sure to remember the Gold Coast summer is also the Gold Coast wet season, so bring along a light jacket and waterproof shoes, just in case. Typically, the Gold Coast is known for its late afternoon showers, so don’t worry too much about rain ruining an entire day! For when the rain clears, remember to bring mosquito spray, as these guys will definitely come out after a light shower. You might also want to pack a small umbrella or two, for those days when it does turn wet quickly.

With temperatures this high, make sure you bring cool clothing – shorts and thongs are a must, as well as light t-shirts or singlets. Don’t forget a hat and lots of sunscreen, as the UV factor can be very high at this time of year. Nights are generally warm, so cool summer pj’s are a must. And with so many Surfers Paradise attractions, make sure you bring comfy walking shoes such as joggers or runners, for those times when thongs and sandals just won’t cut it.

Average High temp: 28 degrees
Average monthly rainfall: 125mm
Average Sunrise: 5am
Average Sunset: 7pm

Autumn - late nights and warm days.

With slightly less rainfall then the summer months, Surfers Paradise is a great autumn holiday destination. Temperatures are still in the twenties, so expect warm days, but slightly cooler nights. Water temperatures are still high enough to swim comfortably, so don’t forget to pack your swimmers, bathers or togs. If you’re planning on spending time at the beach, remembers to bring all the slip, slop slap necessities – hat, sunscreen, t-shirt and sunglasses are still a must, even in the autumn months.

Sunset is slightly earlier in autumn, and the nights can become chilly early, so bring light jackets to ensure a comfortable night out. Mosquito spray is still necessary – those afternoon showers linger until May,and the bugs might come out around sunset.

Average High temp: 23 degrees
Average monthly rainfall: 120mm
Average Sunrise: 6am
Average Sunset: 530pm

Winter - away from the beach? Head into the Surfers Paradise Precinct!

Our driest months come in winter, so Surfers Paradise is still a great place to be in the colder months. Even in winter, our coldest temperatures rarely go below ten degrees overnight, and can be as high as 21 most days. Be sure to pack warm jackets so you can enjoy the 5 o’clock sunset, and continue your day after dark. Jeans and a light jacket are generally all you’ll need to stay warm during the day, but make sure you pack a heavier coat if you’re planning on spending your nights out.

Ocean temperatures are a little cooler in winter, but many hotels and resorts keep the pool heaters on all year round, so make sure you pack your swimmers for those warm winter days. The sun can still have some bite, so be sure to continue using sun screen.

With shorter days, you might want to plan your nights around the Surfers Paradise attractions. There’s always plenty to do in Cavill Mall, from family fun events to a bustling after-dark nightlife. Be sure to pack comfy shoes for these nights out, as you walk to streets from place to place.

Average High temp: 21 degrees
Average monthly rainfall: 60mm
Average Sunrise: 630am
Average Sunset: 515pm

Spring - thing's to bring in the warm of Spring!

Spring is where our summer really starts – as the temperatures climb, make sure you continue to pack sunscreen for the day and mosquito repellent for the night. Spring provides a unique weather climate, where the temperature is rising but the rains are not yet ready to fall. Spring also brings longer days, with the sun lasting from 5am to 6pm, so make sure you bring comfortable footwear to get you through the long days.

Thankfully, spring is not part of the wet season, so you can use the time around sunset well. Bring a light jacket or poncho with you to keep you warm after sunset. During the day, keep up the sunscreen as you’re out and about – the weather is perfect for beach activities in spring, as temperatures average a comfortable 25 degrees.

Average High temp: 25 degrees
Average monthly rainfall: 100mm
Average Sunrise: 5am
Average Sunset: 6pm

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