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Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach
Rainbow beach is found in the same northeastern coastal part of Queensland, Australia as the giant E horizon. In fact, the red and yellow colors are remnants of the Spodic horizon that is diagnostic for Spodosols.
Rainbow Beach is a small town, right on a long stretch of beautiful sand beach. There’s a sad story on a plaque about how the beach got its name. Rainbow Beach is virtually at the end of the road heading east from Gympie, and you do is follow the signs. This is an easy destination to locate, and just as easy to enjoy.

Wolf Rock at Rainbow Beach is one of the world’s top ten dive spots. Rainbow Beach is relatively unspoiled, with only minimal development in the small nearby town. Visit early in the morning, especially outside tourist season, and you can fool yourself into believing you are the only person for a thousand miles. Rainbow Beach is unique in many ways, and is the ideal holiday destination. Come any time of the year and enjoy the chance to unwind and explore on the most beautiful places on earth.

Rainbow Beach is also the most northerly surf beach in mainland Queensland. Rainbow Beach is fast becoming the gateway to Fraser Island but also has much to offer in its own right. Fraser Island is the world?s largest sand island, almost 110 kilometres long, with rainforests growing on the sand dunes, unlike any other sand island. Rainbow Beach is heavenly sub-tropical, coastal country – about 107 kilometres north of Noosa – where the fishing, boating, surfing, prawning and crabbing are all sublime. Rainbow Beach, on Wide Bay, is a major entry point to the 41,000 hectare Cooloola National Park, which offers one of the great four-wheel drive excursions in Queensland.

The park is full of pristine bush walking tracks and picnic facilities all within walking distances of Fraser’s on Rainbow Beach Backpackers Hostel.

This is a rare green sand beach. Says Peri Enkin, color therapist, “The moss green chakra relates to below the feet. A short way out from the walkway is a broad sandbar 2 to 4 feet deep depending on the tide that is excellent for swimming and wading. Rainbow Beach was originally known as Back Beach and was home to a large sand mining industry until 1976. The current name comes from the rainbow coloured cliffs.
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